Jane Jacob's Model Inspires Innovation in Cleveland

Jane Jacob's Model Inspires Innovation in Cleveland
Laura Rumpf - Tue Feb 23, 2010 @ 10:20AM
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Jane Jacob's Economy of Cities Model for small-scale worker and community-driven growth is working its magic on the economically struggling city of Cleveland, Ohio.



The upcoming March 2010 issue of The Nation prominently unveils the "Cleveland Model," a reference to that city's emerging complex of worker-owned businesses under the Evergreen Cooperatives umbrella.

The key enterprise in the Cleveland initiative is the Evergreen Cooperative laundry, "a worker-owned, industrial-size, 'green' operation" that "opened late last fall in Glenville, a neighborhood with a median income hovering around $18,000."

It's the first of ten major enterprises in the works in Cleveland, where the poverty rate is more than 30 percent and the population has declined from 900,000 to less than 450,000 since 1950.

"The model takes us beyond both traditional capitalism and traditional socialism," the authors report. The key link is between national sectors of expanding public activity and procurement, on the one hand, and a new local economic entity, on the other, that "democratizes" ownership and is deeply anchored in the community.

There is a great deal of national buzz among activists and community-development specialists about "the Cleveland model." Potential applications of the model are being considered in Atlanta, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Detroit and a number of other cities around Ohio.

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